Mom’s Restaurant in Chico

Well finals are finally over.

I can actually have a life again.

I got a nice surprise before one of my finals. My lab partner worked the dead shift the night before our lab and usually wouldn’t be able to get any sleep before our lab at 8am. So if I had everything under control, I’d let him rest for a little bit. He knew I LOVED breakfast and so did the entire class, I turn into the hulk if I don’t have breakfast (HULK SMASH!) and so he got me a gift card to Mom’s Restaurant right next to school. Combined with a buy one get one free coupon I got a while ago, it was the perfect way to spend my post finals morning.

The card says “thanks for tolerating my narcolepsy”

So nice of him.

I decided I’d do a review of the restaurant since as I mentioned earlier, I love breakfast.

Mom’s Restaurant is one of the newer breakfast spots in Chico. It’s actually owned by the very famous and popular Madison Bear Garden located right across the street. They serve breakfast dishes, omelettes, sandwiches, burgers, and salads.

The atmosphore was really cool. The decor was kind of kitschy and homey and was decorated for christmas, complete with a christmas tree. It actually reminded me of Main Street USA at Disneyland, and would have totally been at home along that street. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the decor because hey, this is my first restaurant review!

Now onto the food. I got the chicken fried steak because when I go out to a restaurant, I want to get something I wouldn’t make at home. It came with eggs, potatoes, and cantaloupe.

chicken fried steak

The chicken fried steak was extremely good. There was quite a smothering of gravy that was nice and peppery. The best part was the crust on the steak. I think it was some sort of cracker crust and it really made for one of the best chicken fried steaks I’ve ever had.

Matt had the ranch eggs benedict that was an english muffin, fried eggs, delicious bacon, and a red pepper cream sauce. He really enjoyed it.

The price wasn’t too bad. It was just over $30 for my chicken fried steak, ranch eggs benedict, two mimosas, an orange juice, and coffee. But I had my coupon and gift card in hand, so it was muuuch cheaper.

Overall a really great place for a nice breakfast. There’s other places in Chico to get a good breakfast, but the overall presentation and service put this place up on the list. It’s far classier than some of the other places and definitely a place to take your parents.

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5 thoughts on “Mom’s Restaurant in Chico

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  2. Great blog. I wish I ate like you when i was in college. How did you get the top post on you blog if you dont mind answering? thanks

    • thanks! well in the early days of college, i definitely wasn’t eating like this! muuuuch more delivery pizza!

      and i made the top posts section by using html for the pics and links in the text widget.

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