Breakfast at Cafe Coda in Chico

It was a dreary and rainy morning valentine’s day and that meant I wanted one thing for breakfast- eggs benedict. We decided to try Cafe Coda off of Humboldt Avenue.

Cafe Coda

There were great reviews on yelp and I’ve heard good things about their eggs benedict. Looking at their menu they had a variety of dishes- from sweet to savory and everything else in between.

The atmosphere of the restaurant reflected their switch to a live music venue in the evenings-it felt hip, swanky, jazzy. On the walls they feature a constantly-changing array of local artistic talent. Overall I was very impressed with the vibe of it all.

They had quite an extensive list of beverages from coffee, espressos, and 18 different types of teas. Matt got the Organic Rooibos which had an earthy and sweet honey flavor to it. He was recovering from a sickness and said that it was exactly what he wanted, but would order it again even if he wasn’t sick.

I ordered a glass of champagne. Too bad we didn’t come on the weekend, they serve a bottomless glass of champagne for $5.50! What a great deal!

Matt ordered the “Applewood Sausage Hash” ($9.75) which came with herb roasted potatoes, chicken applewood sausage, caramelized onions, and rosemary topped with two eggs. It also came with fresh bread that they make in house, which I was really impressed with. It was a good, hardy breakfast. The best part was the sausage, which came from one of our favorite places to get sandwiches, the Chico Meat Locker. We’ll definitely be picking up some of those sausages next time we stop in.

But what really won us over was the “Coda Benedict” ($9.95). It came on top of house made parmesean crusted foccacia with spinach, ham, and poached eggs smothered in a bearnaise sauce. I was slightly surprised to see the use of a bearnaise sauce than the traditional hollandaise sauce, but I was not disappointed. The bearnaise was herby and flavorful. The egg yolk was slightly less runny than I prefer, but that’s only a minor complaint. If you go to Cafe Coda, I definitely recommend the Coda Benedict.

Matt has a new favorite dish, the “Fat Boy” ($9.55) consisting of potatoes and black beans topped with salsa, sour cream, cilantro, jack and cotija cheese. Served with bacon, eggs, and cheesy tortillas. He recommends substituting the bacon for chorizo. He also recommends the chilaquiles, which he enjoyed as well.

Cafe Coda was a great spot to go to for a special breakfast. The price was fair, the service great, and the food unique and satisfying. There’s a lot of variety on their menu, but the Coda Benedict really stole the show.

Cafe Coda is located at 265 Humboldt Ave in Chico, CA. Breakfast is served seven days a week from 7am to 2pm, lunch from 11am to 2pm on Monday through Friday. Live music usually starts at 8pm, check out their website at for more information.

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